Visitors land on the above page on the website of Longfellow House Washington’s Headquarters National Historic Site after completing an interactive educational experience about Charley Longfellow. In a short introduction, they are invited to click thumbnail images to see a sampling of art and furniture Charley collected during his world travels.



Visitors are taken to a page with a short description of the objects on each floor of the Longfellow House. Here they can click to see a gallery and slide show of the objects.




This set of web pages was designed and built to be a reward for eight grade students who completed the interactive education experience Charley Longfellow & the Civil War: Coming of Age in a Time of Turbulence (still in development). The web pages reveal more about Charley by showing the intriguing objects he collected in his world travels and give students a taste of the collection of art and furniture housed in the Longfellow House. The design makes the most of the National Park Service Content Management System.