Isabella’s Costume Ball is an educational scavenger hunt through the collection of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. The collection is housed in Gardner’s former home which was designed in the style of a fifteenth century Venetian Palace. This is a prototype of an app designed for an academic class. Images appear courtesy of Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

1. Each time the app is opened a different masked artwork from the collection welcomes the user.




2. Touching the mask reveals the identity of the work and gives the user the option to personalize their scavenger hunt based on their individual preferences.






3. Once the works are selected and other options entered, the app chooses the users target pieces for each floor of the museum.




4. There are five works for the user to find on the first floor. A map tracks progress through the museum.




5. When the user approaches a target artwork, the user is pinged. Then that target artwork is highlighted and the map indicates the general area of the artwork.




6. Selecting the highlighted mask gives the user a choice to guess or get a hint.




7. The user guesses by selecting one of four images of works located in the area.






8. The user can read background information about the artwork, answer bonus questions about the work, or return to their exploration of the museum.






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